Ayat Al-Kursi (Round Kanan) – Decal / Sticker


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This exquisitely majestic decal, written in the Thuluth script, consists of Ayat al-Kursi split into three parts: 1) the first word of the ayat “Allahu” written big and on top, 2) the next few words written directly underneath in a circle (“La ilaha illa hu al-Hayyu al-Qayyum”) and 3) the rest of the ayat written in smaller letters circling around the other words. It's a perfect center pieces for entrances, living rooms, stairways, hallways or family rooms. Make this fair decal a central focus of your home to help your entire family remember to say this powerful ayat.


Translation: Allah! There is no deity save Him, the Alive, the Eternal. Neither slumber nor sleep overtaketh Him. Unto Him belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. Who is he that intercedeth with Him save by His leave? He knoweth that which is in front of them and that which is behind them, while they encompass nothing of His knowledge save what He will. His throne includeth the heavens and the earth, and He is never weary of preserving them. He is the Sublime, the Tremendous.
Source: The Holy Quran, 2:255
Script: Thuluth (Jali)
Material: Adhesive decal (for flat surfaces only)

Colour Options: You can select to have the artwork come in one colour, two colours or three colours.

Larger or smaller options can be customized.

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